Sheepskin/Ugg® care

So, you’ve invested in a pair of Ugg® Boots, and you want to make sure that they last. Taking care of these can be simple and save you loads of money. An inexpensive solution to a potentially expensive problem, our Sheepskin Care Kit gives total protection for sheepskin footwear. Containing eco-friendly, water-based sprays to clean, protect and freshen your boots and a multi-purpose brush to revive the nap.

The Sheepskin Cleaner restores and rejuvenates sheepskin boots, removing stains and restoring the original colour of your footwear. Sheepskin Freshener neutralises odours in all sheepskin footwear rather than masking them with fragrances, so bad-smelling boots is a problem of the past! The fast-acting formula will keep your boots smelling fresh for longer periods of time. Sheepskin Protector provides a breathable protective coating that repels water and stains, make sure to protect your Ugg® boots before their first outing to repel dirt, rain and stains and keep them looking their best. The dual-action Multi Brush restores the nap of your boots whilst removing stains from them when used in conjunction with the Sheepskin Cleaner.

Firstly, dampen your boots with clean, cold water, before applying the Sheepskin Cleaner and using the Multi Brush. After cleaning your Ugg® Boots, please leave to dry naturally before storing them and avoid placing them underneath a direct heat source. Once dry, giving your Ugg® Boots a going over with the Sheepskin Brush will help to restore the nap.

After this, apply the Sheepskin Freshener to the inside of your footwear to retain the clean smell of your footwear, again leave to dry to ensure that the cleaner can fully take effect. Finally, maintain your hard work by applying the Sheepskin Protector to repel those outside elements that work so hard to damage the appearance of your footwear. Leave to dry naturally before wearing your freshly cleaned, deodorised and protected sheepskin footwear.

See, we told you it was easy to take care of your sheepskin footwear and accessories. We hope this guide helps – our products will clean, protect and care for your sheepskin to ensure you have the best-looking boots for years to come.


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