Clean, Care and Protect made easy with Cherry Blossom.

We've been protecting every step since 1906 so cleaning, caring for and protecting footwear is easy to us. However, we know the whole process can sometimes appear a little overwhelming and so we want to equip you with the tools and know-how to properly take care of your footwear so you find it easy too.

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Cleaning your footwear couldn’t be simpler...

Our Universal Cleaner is suitable for leather, suede, material, nubuck and all other uppers. If your footwear needs a refresh, then this easy-to-use spray on foam is just what you need. Simply spray on, work in, and nasty-looking stains, mud and general wear and tear will be removed to give footwear that like-new appearance. It’s also ideal for preparing footwear for fresh proofing treatments which is an essential component of the Protect section.

Midsole Cleaning Kit is essential for keeping your trainers looking their best, dirty midsoles is a problem that affects every owner of a pair of trainers, stains are much tougher to remove due to the material of midsoles and this can impair the overall look. The powerful pump-action cleaner works with the Midsole Brush to remove the toughest of ingrained dirt.

Sheepskin Cleaner, part of our Sheepskin Care Kit, provides gentle, yet effective, cleaning to restore and rejuvenate sheepskin footwear and can be used on suede and nubuck too, adding a level of versatility. It's ideal for cleaning Uggs and similar boots and accessories.

If you need a quick on-the-go clean, our Trainer Wipes can be used on all uppers to quickly and gently restore the appearance of all footwear. The unique dual-sided wipe has a rough side for tough stains and a smooth side for general cleaning – so, whatever the dirt, you can easily tackle it with these wipes.


Caring for your footwear not only helps preserve its look and overall condition but also ensures comfort. We offer options for a longer-term care routine and for ‘quick fixes’.

Our Polishes clean, cover scuffs and protect leather footwear from damage.

Renovating Creams are available in over 25 different colours, restoring the colour and appearance of your footwear, whatever its colour.

Regimental Gloss offers the ultimate shine for smooth leather as it contains Carnauba Wax.

If your suede or nubuck is fading in colour, try our Suede & Nubuck Renovating Spray to keep your footwear and accessories looking their best.

Scuff Cover is ideal for easy application, when you’re low on time, it effectively covers scuffs and restores colours to smooth leather footwear.

Sports Whitener, suitable for leather and canvas trainers, is perfect for a quick touch-up to restore the whiteness to your sportswear.

If your shoes are a little tight, it can be uncomfortable and damage the leather of your footwear so our Shoe Stretch Spray means that you can slip your shoes on with ease and continue to walk around in total comfort.


To protect your footwear from rain and stains we recommend treating them before their first outing. This will make sure they maintain their appearance and last longer. We all know, however, that sometimes time is tight, and it's easy to forget to treat new footwear especially if you're excited to show them off, not to worry though, if that's the case, simply clean your shoes back up and use one of our protection products to restore them to like-new.

If you want to add a durable and invisible protective layer to your footwear we have two simple-to-use fantastic solutions Ultra Repel and Protector. Both of these are durable spray-on products suitable for all uppers.

If you want to look after your leather footwear, then products such as Traditional Shoe Polish and Dubbin are ideal. Dubbin softens, conditions and waterproofs smooth leather and prevents it from drying out and cracking. It contains a unique blend of waxes and oils and is especially good for use on sports footwear and walking boots.

Sheepskin Protector provides a breathable protective coating that repels water and stains and can also be used to protect nubuck and suede, so you don’t need to worry too much about buying a lot of products.

All of our products are easy-to-use and the whole Cherry Blossom range is there to offer you the best possible products to take care of your footwear. We hope that this brief overview has helped but if want to know more please get in touch at 

You can purchase all of the above products via our online store - or call us on 01773 521 521 to find your nearest stockist!

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