How Do I Keep My Feet Fresh?

Sweaty, uncomfortable feet? Embarrassed about shoe odours? Warmer weather brings a lot of joy – longer days, warmer nights and summer holidays. Unfortunately, the hotter weather can also bring foot odour and moisture and this doesn't always apply to warm weather conditions – if you have active feet you might experience this all year long. We know how uncomfortable this can be, and what effect it can have on someone’s confidence so, our quick guide is here to help you solve this problem once and for all. 

You'll be pleased to know that there are easy remedies for these problems. Silky Fresh Feet is an anti-friction spray that provides up to 24 hours of clean, smooth confidence after revitalising your feet. We also offer Shoe Deodoriser to freshen your footwear, this removes the odours rather than masking them with perfumes or fragrances. 

Our insoles can also assist in keeping your footwear fresh. Foam Comfort Insoles are perforated to promote good air flow, freshening your footwear. Leather Comfort Insoles are made with activated carbon latex foam to offer comfort to your feet whilst removing foot odour. Odour Control Insoles were designed with the specific aim of extra-strong foot odour reduction, activated carbon is used in these insoles, too.

With these easy-to-use products, food odours and sweaty feet can be a thing of the past. 

You can purchase all of the above products via our online store - or call us on 01773 521 521 to find your nearest stockist!

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