If the shoe fits…

 Buying a pair of shoes without trying them on – if you buy them online for example – is convenient but risky, they may not fit well, you may struggle to get them on, they may be too big for your feet or another common problem is that the store may have run out of your size but you simply had to have them. Well, provided that the shoes are within a short difference in size to your feet, you can fix this problem.

Struggling to get tight-fitting shoes onto your feet can be combatted with ease – shoehorns work by providing a smooth ‘ramp’ so you can slide your foot into the shoe without hurting your heel or damaging your shoe.

Insoles help to make shoes that don’t fit a little comfier. Shoes that are too big for your feet can be made to fit better as insoles fill out empty spaces in the shoe. A common predicament with shoes is that if they are tight, you naturally go for the next size up, the issue with this is that the length of the previous size of shoe may have been perfect for your feet but may have been too narrow. To fix this, a Toe Puff can be used. Shoes that are too long can have the toe end filled in to help prevent sliding in the shoe, a cause of blisters.

Retaining the shape of your footwear is important to keep it looking good and to ensure that it still fits you well. Bootshapers and shoe trees maintain the appearance of your boots and footwear by replicating the shape of your feet, so your footwear is never empty which causes it to lose its shape as the materials it is made from slowly soften over time.

With these top tips, next time you're unsure but love the style, why not treat yourself and let Cherry treat your new shoes?!


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