I’ve Invested in a New Pair of Shoes – How Can I Make Sure They Last?

When you’ve made an investment in a new pair of shoes, you want to make sure that they last and look like-new for years to come. 

Maintenance of footwear is an often-neglected practice but it always pays dividends when it comes to making footwear last. From something as simple as cleaning your footwear once a week, to cleaning, polishing, protecting and even replacing the insoles and accessories on your footwear – preserving is an easy act to follow.

First of all, as soon as your shoes have been purchased, ensure to that they are proofed before their first outing. For suede, fabric and nubuck, Ultra Repel offers ultimate protection through a fast-drying, breathable coating that repels water and stains. For leather shoes, polishes and creams ensure that your footwear is clean, nourished and protected, keeping your new footwear soft, supple and fit for purpose.

If your shoes are a little tight after purchase, don't force them on as this can cause damage to their backs and that won't be easy to reverse. Use a simple Shoe Horn, which provides a smooth ramp that allows your feet to easily move into your shoes without risking damage. Or if your problem is hard tight-fitting leather then our Shoe Stretch Spray will really help.

If you want to maintain the shape of your footwear then our shoe trees and Bootshapers are your ideal companion. These easy-to-use accessories will maintain the shape and appearance in between outings, meaning that footwear keeps its new-out-of-the-shop appearance. 

If your shoes don't quite fit how they should, but you had to have them, or they feel different now you've got them home, then there's no problem. We have a wide range of insoles to suit all types of footwear, feet and sizes so just select the insole to suit your problem and you'll soon feel comfort in every step once more. 

All of these tips should keep your footwear looking great and performing as it should, not only will your investment be protected but you’ll also be doing the planet a great service, as keeping your footwear in use for 9 months longer can reduce their carbon footprint by 20-30%.

So keep your feet walking in your new purchase by keeping your footwear protected at every step with Cherry Blossom. 

You can purchase all of the above products via our online store - or call us on 01773 521 521 to find your nearest stockist!

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