Which Accessory Should I Use To Help Clean My Footwear?

Cleaning footwear is a process that is very much tailored to the material that it is made from, brushes are commonly used to remove loose dirt and can be used to apply cleaning and protection products.

Our Classic Polishing Brush does exactly what it says on the tin, applying polish with this product is simple and the black horsehair bristles, mean you can be sure that the polish is applied evenly whilst the ergonomic brush means you’ll have maximum comfort when polishing your footwear. The Applicator Brush is perfect for applying polish, renovating cream, cleaning or proofing products to your footwear, as it ensures that the product you’re applying is thoroughly worked into the grain of your footwear. Suede & Nubuck Multi Brush has synthetic bristles to remove loose dirt and restore the finish of your suede and nubuck footwear, with a rubber cap to clean your shoe welts. This product can also be used alongside our Sheepskin Care Kit to restore the nap on your favourite sheepskin footwear.

Alternatively, to clean your suede and nubuck footwear, try our Suede & Nubuck Eraser Block, which removes tough dirt and dust and is recommended for spot cleaning. The Eraser Block buffs away scratches without leaving any marks on shoes. It is soft, flexible and easy to use. The black microfibre Polishing Cloth is ideal for cleaning, buffing and applying polish to your footwear and is hand washable so can be reused for different purposes without the worry of staining your footwear with the previous product you used.

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