Which Shoe Polish is Right For Me?

There are a variety of different polishes available in the quest for clean, maintained and nourished footwear, all of them are useful but they are most effective when used on the specific materials they were designed for.

There may be some confusion as to which product is best to use on which type of footwear, so we're here to help.

Traditional Shoe Polish is ideal for smooth leather, it cleans, nourishes and protects your footwear. Ensuring your leather footwear is protected before its first outing, is a simple way to make sure that your shoes last as long as possible.

If you’re in the army, there are always high standards expected of you in all respects, let us help you to get your shoes to an army-acceptable level of shine using our Regimental Gloss – a nourishing, high-shine polish containing Carnauba wax to give your smooth leather an exceptional high-gloss shine. Other polishes also help to clean, care and protect your military boots and are still recommended.

Renovating Shoe Cream is softer than polish, so is more suitable for softer leather. It has a higher pigment content to offer a stronger colour, making it the ideal choice for restoring the appearance of discoloured footwear.

Renovating Polish is best used on formal footwear as it improves the shine whilst covering scuffs and scrapes that damage the appearance of your footwear.

To restore the appearance of your sports footwear and walking boots whilst simultaneously preventing the leather on them from drying out and cracking, Dubbin Wax is your best friend. A wax-based product, Dubbin softens, conditions and waterproofs smooth leather thanks to its wax and oil content.

If you'd prefer a protective, shine-restoring spray, Wax & Shine is for you. Perfect for use on all patent, smooth and grained leathers, this easy-to-use spray nourishes and conditions the leather whilst restoring the shine and offering protection from rain and stains.

You can purchase all of the above products via our online store - or call us on 01773 521 521 to find your nearest stockist!

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