A range of insoles for added comfort and support.

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Impression Insole

Soft, durable, pair of premium insole which actively mould to your feet for a perfect fit. 

Fresh Foam

 A premium insole designed for comfort and all-day freshness. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam insole offers comfort, cushioning and custom-fit. 

Leather Active

A pair of premium leather insoles for in-shoe comfort and freshness. 


A 100% wool insole for increased comfort and warmth.

Heel Grip

A reusable suede leather heel grip for added comfort and support.

Foam Comfort

A breathable, soft foam insole designed for comfort.

Fresh Foam Half

A super soft, dual-layer, breathable half insole. 

Odour Control

Custom-fit, odour-controlling insole for all footwear.

Fresh Active

A cushioned insole to keep active feet fresh.

Premium Gel

Premium gel insole designed for all-day comfort and support.

Leather Comfort

A textured breathable leather insole, ideal for maintaining that fresh-feet feeling. 

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