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Classic Polishing Brush

Classic Polishing Brush

From £5.99

With the very best quality horsehair bristles, and an ergonomic design, our Classic Polishing Brush will leave your shoes shining brighter than ever!

The ideal brush for applying our paste polish and renovating creams to your favourite footwear, our Classic Polishing Brush is perfect for a number of reasons. First, and definitely foremost, are the soft horsehair bristles - these are soft enough not to scratch the leather uppers of your shoes and boots, unlike the scratchier, and courser, synthetic fibres found in other brushes. The stained and lacquered wooden body has been carefully shaped to fit into your hand snugly, and has grips on both sides for maximum comfort. 

Whether you've got some older boots that need renovating, or your favourite pair just needs a little TLC, this brush is the best tool to help!

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