Cherry Blossom
Leather Plus Footbed

Leather Plus Footbed

From £8.99

- Real leather comfort
- Enhanced pressure distribution. 


Quite possibly the perfect footbed! Made from premium plant-tanned leather, with a carefully sculpted substructure designed to fully support your foot, Cherry Blossom Leather Plus Footbeds are the next step in in-shoe comfort!

Providing relaxation for muscles, tendons, and ligaments, this footbed cushions your toes, supports the midfoot, and pads the heel space - striking the perfect balance between precise weight distribution and all-day comfort!

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"Best budget arch support"

"I have tried a good few budget support insoles over the years. The relieve pressure on on my bunion so well O often forget I have one. Much more durable than other, more expensive, alternatives. Mine usually last a year even though I wear them almost every day. I just which the shop I got my last pair in would get them back in stock."