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Soft Cotton Insole

Soft Cotton Insole

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Do you hate wearing socks with shoes? It's even worse in the summer, right? 

If you're anything like us, you'll find these 100% Soft Cotton Insoles just perfect! Like all cotton, they're super-absorbent, helping to keep your feet cool and dry whatever the weather! 

Since they'll be absorbing sweat - and since feet are the sweatiest parts of our body - our Soft Cotton insoles are hand-washable at 30˚C. We've also perforated the underside of the insoles to help promote air circulation. Cleverly, this also makes sure the insole doesn't slip and slide around in the bottom of your shoe! 

With our Soft Cotton Insoles, you'll be able to comfortably go barefoot in all of your favourite summer shoes!

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