Cherry Blossom
Toe Puff

Toe Puff


Cherry Blossom Toe Puffs are the ideal way to prolong the life and look of all kinds of footwear.

Keeping shoes in great shape helps them to look their best - and provides everyday comfort and support for your feet. To aid in that, this product provides shaping and support to all shoes, while also preventing creasing.

The foam material used in our Toe Puffs also absorbs moisture - preventing odours and mildew - and is entirely washable, prolonging its usability..

Each pack contains one pair of Toe Puffs.


  • Provides shaping and support.
  • Odour-preventing.
  • Washable by hand.
  • Ideal for maintaining shape and appearance.

Suitable for

  • All types of footwear.

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