Cherry Blossom

Why Choose Cherry Blossom?

Cherry Blossom was the first shoe polish produced in the United Kingdom over 100 years ago, and is the only one still produced in the UK today. 

Starting back in 1906, our journey began with a single aim — to care for and protect all kinds of footwear. Since then, we've been committed to developing new polishes, protectors, and accessories that help you care for all of your favourite footwear. 

In addition to being a proud British manufacturer, Cherry Blossom Shoe Care has been named Shoecare & Accessories Brand of the Year at the Footwear Industry Awards five times over the past six years! To find out more about the award, and what this means to us, please visit


Our Heritage: Key Dates --

Today, Cherry Blossom products can be found in an increasing number of high street stores both in the United Kingdom and abroad, or via our website. To find out more about our history – and our plans for the future – take a peek at our company timeline here:

Our Products -- 

With waxes, polishes, insoles, and more besides, the Cherry Blossom range is as inclusive as you’d expect from a company specialising in shoe care for over a century. While great quality boot and shoe polish is still at the heart of our operations, we’ve also developed dozens of other products to help you give your footwear the aftercare it deserves:

Our Traditional Shoe Polish continues to be a customer favourite – even after over 100 years on the market. This product is designed to polish and restore colour to your shoes and boots – keeping you looking your best, and ready to impress whatever the weather!

Cherry Blossom Ultra Repel is a true revolution in footwear protection. We’ve spent years perfecting a formulation that gives you the very best protection against water and stains!

Silky Fresh Feet is the perfect product for hot and sweaty feet – or even if you just need extra comfort during your day! Made with genuine silk for a soft, smooth sensation, this product is great for revitalising feet for up to 24 hours!

Legal stuff and certifications -- 

At Cherry Blossom, we believe that getting our products independently accredited is the very best way to demonstrate how effective they actually are. That’s why we work with SATRA, a leading authority in the testing of footwear, leather goods, and apparel. You can find out more about SATRA at

Cherry Blossom (and our parent company Grangers International) have also been awarded certification under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard – an independent confirmation that our products and processes conform to the highest of environmental principles.

Whatever your reason for choosing Cherry Blossom, you can be sure that we’re dedicated to helping you get the best from your footwear! And, if you’re still not convinced, feel free to drop us a line at, send us a tweet, or message us via Facebook!