Cherry Blossom

Getting ready for winter with Cherry Blossom!

04 December 2015


With the winter season bringing rain, snow, and slippery slush to slosh through, making sure that your boots and shoes are water-resistant is essential. Fortunately, here at Cherry Blossom we’ve been making shoecare products for over 100 years – meaning we have over 100 winters’ worth of experience of keeping footwear and feet dry.

So, if you want your favourite shoes to survive the Christmas season – and beyond – read on! Our range of cleaners, waterproofing treatments, and polishes will help keep your feet dry, and your footwear looking its best well into the new year…

Our Universal Cleaner is an easy to use product that’ll leave your footwear looking as good as new! Designed to remove everyday stains from the surface of your shoes, Universal Cleaner is easy to use and super-effective. Simply spray on, allow the foaming cleaner to do its job, and then wipe off with a clean cloth!

Ultra Repel keeps your feet dry by placing an invisible layer of protection across the surface of your footwear. Perfect for rain, water, and anything else you might drop or drip across your shoes (including red wine at your Christmas party!), Ultra Repel is simple to use and fast drying – it’s perfect to spray on during your last-minute dash before heading out!

We’ve been making our Traditional Shoe Polish since 1906 – which more or less tells you everything you need to know! A firm favourite for generations now, our polish will clean, shine, and restore colour to your leather footwear – ideal if you’ve managed to scuff your boots whilst navigating some icy pavements!

Finally, our Shoe Care Kit combines the above three products with some more of our most effective offerings. With a can of Ultra Repel, Universal Cleaner, several polishes, a brush set and some cleaning cloths included, it’s a great way to ensure you’ve got everything you need to hand!

Whatever you’re planning this holiday season, make sure you stop by our online shop to receive free shipping on all orders over £5!