Cherry Blossom

Help Revive the Broadstairs Rec!

27 July 2015

Broadstairs Memorial Recreation Park has sat at the heart of the Broadstairs community in Kent for nearly 100 years. Originally a gift from Cherry Blossom co-founder Dan Mason, the park was meant to be a space for the young people of Thanet to play and practice sports. Since it opened in 1918, the park has changed little – the local council installed play equipment on the site during the 1960s, but otherwise the park was largely neglected.

In 2013, local residents began campaigning for a revival of their Rec. With the play equipment on the park ageing and unsafe, and a lack of bins, paths, and lighting, the Rec was being used as a cut-through rather than a play area. As such, the resident’s campaign – dubbed ‘Revive our Rec’ – quickly caught the public’s attention, and over 1,500 people signed a petition asking for funds to transform the park.

After months of tireless campaigning, the campaigners secured new play equipment in 2015 – though there’s still a lot of work to do. With further funding from Broadstairs Town Council and Kent County Council, the Revive our Rec team are hoping to add seats and a wheelchair-friendly path to the park. To fully complete the park, the team are hoping to raise another £25,000.

As well as promoting their story, the Cherry Blossom team have helped raise £100 for the project – both to help keep Dan Mason’s dream alive, and to provide the people of Broadstairs a park they can be proud of. If you want to help too, you can contact the Revive our Rec team via their Facebook page, or donate to them on their Go Fund Me page ( And remember - if you’re looking for high quality British-made shoecare products, you can purchase from us online at