Cherry Blossom

Keep your feet dry this autumn with Ultra Repel!

04 September 2015

A revolution in footwear protection, Cherry Blossom Ultra Repel is the very best way to protect your footwear from water and stains. 

With the wet British summer slowly giving way to what will undoubtedly be a wet British autumn, keeping your shoes and boots looking their best can be a real challenge. There isn’t just the increased (or continued) level of rain to contend with either – there are spillages from parties, gunk lurking in leaf piles, and mud and dirt creeping its way onto pavements and paths too. That’s where Ultra Repel comes in.

Ultra Repel works by placing an invisible layer of protection on your footwear – causing liquids and dirt to simply slide away. Whether you’ve spilled coffee or ketchup, water or red wine, Ultra Repel keeps all kinds of footwear clean and dry. It’s even fast drying, making it perfect to use during your last-minute dash to get ready for an evening out!

Suitable for use on all leather, suede, nubuck, canvas and fabric shoes, including those with breathable membranes, Ultra Repel is the perfect way to keep your footwear looking sharp – just the thing for creating a great impression!