Cherry Blossom

Look after your leather!

23 June 2015

Looking after your leather footwear is a great way to keep it looking sharp, but did you know that well-cared for leather also lasts longer and performs better? Here at Cherry Blossom we’ve been looking after leather for more than a hundred years now – and we’ve picked up a few things along the way. Whether you’ve got a pair of boots that need some attention, or you’re looking to get more life from your saddle, the Cherry Blossom range is full of products that’ll help you clean, care for, and improve the comfort of all your leather goods! 


Cherry Blossom’s Universal Cleaner is an easy-to-use product that’ll leave your leather products looking great. A spray-on solution, Universal Cleaner will remove everyday stains from the surface of your leather goods – whether they’re shoes, satchels or saddles. Simply spray on, leave for a moment (for the foam to do its stuff), and wipe clean!

If you’re still reluctant to take your shoes off, even after cleaning them with Universal Cleaner, Cherry Blossom’s Shoe Deodorant Spray is probably the product you need… Designed to eliminate all odours – and their sources – Shoe Deodorant Spray can safely be used on all kinds of footwear. Simply remove your shoe’s insole before applying the spray, and leave to dry fully before use.


We’ve been making our Traditional Shoe Polish since 1906  - which more or less says it all! A firm favourite for generations now, our polish will clean, shine, and restore colour to all your leather footwear.  Available in a variety of colours, our Traditional Shoe Polish well help keep you looking smart, and ready to impress, whatever the hour or occasion!

Cherry Blossom’s Leather Cream is like an anti-ageing cream for your shoes, handbags, and leather accessories. Safe to use on all your products – regardless of their colour – Leather Cream conditions your leather so that it doesn’t crack and dry out. Ideal for smooth, patent, reptile, and metallic leathers, Leather Cream is an obvious all-rounder that everyone should own.


New shoes that constantly pinch your feet are the worst – which is why Cherry Blossom’s Shoe Stretch Spray is such a fantastic product. Designed to soften the leather of your shoe, Shoe Stretch Spray allows your new shoes to more rapidly mould to the shape of your foot. Shoe trees and mechanical stretchers are great, but for getting a quick, perfect fit, nothing beats our Stretch Spray!

Cherry Blossom’s Boot Shapers are a premium product with several functions. Not only do they shape your footwear, giving you maximum comfort, they also prevent your boots from sagging and creasing whilst they’re being stored! With an included hook, our Boot Shapers are ideal for storing multiple pairs of boots – or for keeping your shoes straight whilst you clean them!


Whichever Cherry Blossom products you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best of our generations of expertise. We’ve been making a great impression with our shoecare range for over a century now – isn’t it time we helped you do the same?