Cherry Blossom

Protect your stilettos with Starlettos!

24 July 2015

Ever been at a garden party, a wedding, or out at the races, only to have your high heels sink into the ground? Embarrassing, right? Fortunately, with Starlettos, your heels, your dignity, and your host’s garden can all be saved!

Starlettos are ultra-cute – and very clever – shoe accessories designed to stop your heels from sinking into soft ground. They’ve been carefully developed to give them strength, the ability to stay on for long periods, and the versatility to fit most slender heels and stilettos. That means more time for you to smile and relax – without worrying about standing on your toes all day!

Even if you prefer to stay inside (and we wouldn’t blame you, given the typical British weather!), Starlettos can provide your shoes with extra grip – perfect if you’re prone to slipping on varnished floors. They’re also especially good for protecting wooden and vinyl floors from unsightly heel indentations.

A favourite of the Hollywood elite, Starlettos have been included in gift bags handed out at both the Oscars and the Emmys – which stars including Meryl Streep and Glenn Close took home. Not on a starlet’s budget? Don’t worry - each pair of Starlettos can be used around 10 times, meaning they should last you throughout the summer.

Starlettos are distributed in the UK exclusively by Cherry Blossom Shoe Care. You can order them direct from, or find them in selected retailers.