Cherry Blossom

The Many Uses of Cherry Blossom…

10 September 2015

Here at Cherry Blossom, we’ve been making shoecare products for over a century now. Even with all that experience, however, we still get surprised when our more imaginative customers find inventive new uses for our products. One such customer is Kirsty Armstrong – who uses our ReadyWax polish to spruce up her many statues and sculptures...

Kirsty has been designing and creating sculptures for over 30 years now. From small caricatured animals, through to models of World War II aircraft, she’s crafted a remarkable range of stunning pieces. A staunch conservationist, Kirsty has also used her work to help protect the endangered red squirrel – and even founded the Brampton and District Red Squirrel Group! Her most famous piece – ‘Charles the Red Squirrel’ - draws on this love of wildlife, and Kirsty presented the first pressing of this limited edition piece to HRH Prince Charles in 2011.

We spoke to Kirsty about her sculptures – and why she chooses to use ReadyWax. Throughout her career, she says, she has used Cherry Blossom ReadyWax to add a layer of ‘detailing polish to [her] copper sculptures’, and prefers it to more traditional art supplied because ‘it dries [quickly…], the flow is nicely controlled […] and best of all, it has just the right amount of “smell”’. Kirsty also loves that ReadyWax is made in the heart of the UK – where our polishes have been made since 1906! 

To find out more about Kirsty’s work visit her website at or like her Facebook page: You can purchase your own ReadyWax from selected retailers.