The Euros are nearly here. It seems like an age since England faced Italy in the nail-biting 2020 final, despite being held in 2021 due to COVID-19. Germany is hosting UEFA Euro 2024 and will be the 17th time the football championship has taken place. We know the nation is football-mad, celebrating by getting together to support our team in parks, gardens and pubs across the country, maybe even inspiring a quick kick around with your mates. Cherry Blossom will be flying the England flag this month and we’re here to make sure your sneakers are Euro-ready.

We all own a pair of trainers – they’re a wardrobe staple – and the struggle of keeping them looking their best is very real. Whether they’re leather, canvas, textile, synthetics or suede, through wear and tear, they begin to look drab and grimy, often becoming incredibly difficult to clean. Ingrained dirt and stains can imprint into the material and when we do manage to get them clean, they become grubby again very quickly. Trainers are notoriously stubborn to clean and protect as their construction involves so many different materials that it’s tricky to find products that thoroughly clean and protect all parts of the shoe, from the midsoles to the laces. But search no more: with Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Range, you’ll be scoring big time.


Chances are (if you’re over 18), you’ll be frequenting a pub or beer garden to catch a match. Alcohol + football = a lot of excited fans. Goals scored on either side will send pints flying; elated or disappointed arms will eject their contents, covering you and your shoes in the process. Once home, your shoes will have an unpleasant, sticky sheen of beer, fizzy drinks and other treacly beverages. Luckily, Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Cleaner is a powerful gel that eliminates all dirt and stains, including footie fans’ booze, from your trainers, restoring their appearance to keep them looking fresh. Additionally, if you want a more targeted cleanse or to remove dirt on the go, our handy, easy-to-use Sneaker Wipes offer an instant clean. With these two effective products, the sneaker cleaning battle will be a thing of the past.


Oh, the midsoles. That irksome part of the trainer that is not quite sole, not quite upper is a seriously devious thing to clean and gives all trainer-wearers a headache. Capable of expertly cleaning all sneaker midsoles, from Sketchers to Vans to the chunky midsoles of Nike’s Air Force 1s, Cherry Blossom’s Midsole Reviver Kit contains everything you need to purge your midsoles of that pesky ingrained grime.


Now, it’s all very well and good getting your sneakers clean but keeping them clean and dry is also a crucial step when maintaining their appearance. Nobody likes soggy trainers and, once they’re wet, the moisture can affect the shape, tightening or curling them as they dry. To avoid this, use Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Shield, which easily sprays onto your trainers, acting as a protective layer to keep your feet warm and dry whilst maintaining the shape of your shoe.  Like water off a duck’s back or a ball off Harry Maguire’s head, our Sneaker Shield will give your sneaker uppers one-nil against incoming rain and stains.


Smelly trainers warrant a red card and unpleasant odours can build up inside your sneakers after only wearing them a few times. Luck is on your side as Sneaker Fresh will combat this, removing lingering smells and keeping your trainers fresh. And unlike, the offside rule, using Sneaker Fresh very easy to wrap your head around.


Our trusty, well-loved Sports Whitener is taking the leap from the Core Category to Sneaker Category. A sponge-on whitener that restores white sports shoes to pristine condition, our Sports Whitener is designed to banish scrapes and scuffs, keeping your sneakers looking slick. Suitable for white leather sneakers and sports shoes, you can watch Wimbledon and catch the England game all on the same day without anyone batting an eyelid.

So join us in getting the nation’s trainers ready for the footballing event of the year, rivalling the England squad’s kickers this summer. Whether they are worn for sport, casually or formally, sneakers are a big deal but looking after them doesn’t have to be, and with Cherry Blossom, it isn’t. Let’s knee-slide the nation into the Euros by putting our best foot forward and sprucing up those sneakers in time for kick-off!


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