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Trainer Wipes

Instant clean for all trainers.

Midsole Cleaning Kit

Want your trainers to stay looking fresh? Then clean up your dirty midsoles with this easy-to-use kit. 

Shoe Stretch Spray

A spray-on product designed to help wear in leather footwear.

Renovating Creams

A cream to renovate and restore the appearance of all leather footwear, whatever its colour. 

Renovating Shoe Polish

A shoe polish formulated to renovate and restore the appearance of fading leather footwear.

Waxed Leather Oil

A restorative product for use on waxed and oiled leathers. 

Scuff Cover

A brush-on, simple-to-use liquid which effectively covers scuffs and restores colour to smooth leather footwear.

Silky Fresh Feet

A spray-on product that cools and refreshes feet, ensuring all-day comfort and freshness, whatever the weather.

Suede & Nubuck Renovating Spray

A spray-on renovating treatment for suede and nubuck footwear and accessories.

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Leather Active

A pair of premium leather insoles for in-shoe comfort and freshness. 


A 100% wool insole for increased comfort and warmth.

Foam Comfort

A breathable, soft foam insole designed for comfort.

Fresh Active

A cushioned insole to keep active feet fresh.

Leather Comfort

A textured, breathable leather insole, ideal for maintaining that fresh-feet feeling. 

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Soft Cotton

Stride barefoot through summer with these 100% soft cotton insoles.

Leather Active Half

A real leather half-insole for increased freshness, comfort and support.

Established 1906

Our Heritage

Cherry Blossom was the first and is still the only UK manufacturer of shoe polish. With a British heritage to be proud of, we've been protecting every step since 1906. 

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