It’s April, and that means April Showers. Whether you’ve watched Walt Disney’s Bambi or not, we all know April is notorious for a spot of torrential rain: as the old proverb says, ‘March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers’. So, even though we might get a bit wet during April, at least there’s a vague promise that May will be in full bloom. There’ll be plenty of puddles dotted about during the next month, so instead of leaping over them or skirting around them, take the plunge with Cherry Blossom’s protective products and keep your shoes puddle-proof throughout April.

Here at Cherry Blossom, we want you to enjoy April to the fullest, and that means protecting your footwear from the seasonal downpours. So, this month, the spotlight is firmly on our protectors: the products that go the extra mile to defend your footwear from rain and stains. Shoe Protector from the Core range does exactly what it says on the tin. This spray-on solution repels water and dirt to protect your footwear, keeping your feet warm and dry inside your shoes. Quick and easy to use, you simply spray onto clean shoes from a distance of 10-15cm away, leave to dry and you’ll soon have a pair of puddle-proof shoes. For a plush, extra-sustainable alternative, Eco Ultra Repel will tick all your boxes. This powerful, water-based protector sprays onto your footwear and acts as a protective layer to ward off those pesky April showers. This fast-drying, water-based, breathable spray-on formulation comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle and is suitable for all footwear uppers, so all your footwear can receive the ultimate eco-treatment.

Let's take a second to single out sneakers. Spring is sneaker season; a time when it can still be a bit chilly but we’re ready to shed the thermal cocoon of our winter boots and other heavy, closed-toe footwear. Sneakers are the ideal spring footwear: they’re warm, flexible and breathable. Despite the myth that trainers can be pretty robust (and some of them certainly can be), they still need to be protected from a spring-rain soaking. Sneaker Shield will do just that. Spraying effortlessly onto your freshly cleaned trainers, you can wear them outside without fear of ruining their appearance or getting them a bit soggy. Or, if you have a precious pair of smooth leather shoes and you’d prefer to keep it old-school, we’ve got you covered. Your leather footwear will feel blessed after being treated to Cherry Blossom’s Dubbin Wax. This waterproofing wax not only repels puddles but also stains, preventing any lingering marks from making it onto the leather. And, what’s more, it conditions and nourishes the leather uppers, preventing them from drying out and cracking. What more could your smooth, leather footwear want?

Remember, we always recommend cleaning before using our protective products to make sure your footwear is as shielded as possible from dirt and rain. Pick from a choice of Shoe Cleaner, Eco Ultra Cleaner or Sneaker Cleaner to keep all your footwear looking fresh and clean. With easy-to-use, sustainable products, protecting your shoes has never been easier. In April, it may be raining cats and dogs but your footwear will no longer fear those pesky puddles – with Cherry Blossom, you can let your feet splish-splash away to your heart’s content.

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