Here at Cherry Blossom, we love shoes. From high heels to trainers and every style of footwear in between. We believe shoes complete a look, give you confidence and are also the most hardwearing part of your outfit. They take you from A to B and usually without trouble, so therefore deserve some care in return and that’s where we step in.

Since 1906, we’ve protected every step – dedicated to prolonging the life of all footwear – and we’ve evolved with every footwear trend to ensure that, whatever your shoe style, we’re there for you.

We have wonderful, loyal customers who’ve used Cherry Blossom for decades – from their grandparents through to their children. Cherry Blossom is part of the family and this is an incredibly special tradition that we hope to support for centuries to come. We’d love to become part of your tradition, so whether you’re looking to refresh your favourite footwear or spruce up your sneakers, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of easy-to-use, quality products.

Our products are produced in the heart of Derbyshire by a team who are dedicated to creating quality footwear solutions. With decades of manufacturing experience and our in-house R&D and QA teams, we ensure quality in everything we do so you can feel comfort and confidence in every step.

Cherry Blossom was founded in the early 20th century by the Mason brothers, Charles and Dan. Tired of scuffed shoes and polish that quickly transferred onto their clothing, they decided to create a polish that would last and thus created the first-ever UK shoe polish.

The brand has evolved over the decades but has always remained true to its heritage and creates long-lasting and reliable solutions.  We’re also the only UK shoe polish manufacturer.

In 2021, to celebrate our 115th birthday, we underwent a rebrand – Cherry Blossom renewed – thus entering the new chapter of Cherry Blossom.

Maintaining our core values of quality and British heritage, we were able to create three separate categories offering you exactly what you need for your favourite footwear.

Core is our go-to range offering easy-to-apply, on-the-go solutions a quality range for everyone. From cleaners and protectors to products for scuffed school shoes, Core has it all.

Platinum is a more of an upmarket range, building upon the quality of the core range but taking it to the next level whilst introducing a trio of water-based, eco and 100% recycled solutions.

Sneaker is specifically for your favourite kicks but can also be used on your everyday footwear too – our Sneaker Shield isn’t just for trainers it can be used on all footwear uppers meaning you don’t need to fill your cupboard with different products.

Here at Cherry Blossom, we care and we also love to chat so if you’d like to know more please email us at or head to cherryblossomshoecare on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Our aim is simple – to keep your feet moving, and make you feel and look your best by preparing all footwear for the chaos of an unpredictable world. #cherryquality #cherryfresh