Core Range

Shoe Polish

Cherry Blossom's iconic, traditional shoe polish adds a shine to the step of all leather footwear.

from £2.00
Dubbin Wax

A wax-based product designed to soften, condition and add water-repellency to smooth leather.

from £2.45
Shoe Cleaner

A powerful cleaner which restores the appearance of all footwear.

Shoe Protector

A spray-on protector which protects all footwear from rain and stains

Shoe Deodoriser

A spray-on deodoriser which refreshes and revives footwear.

Suede & Nubuck Renovator

A spray-on renovator which revives the appearance of suede & nubuck.

Wax & Shine

A spray-on product to restore shine and appearance.

Shoe Stretcher

A spray-on product which softens and stretches leather to prevent pinching.

Ready Wax Black

A colour-enriching liquid which revives the appearance of black leather footwear.

Ready Wax Brown

A colour-enriching liquid which revives the appearance of brown leather footwear.

Scuff Cover

A brush-on, simple-to-use liquid which effectively covers scuffs and restores colour to smooth leather footwear.

Sports Whitener

A sponge-on whitener to restore white sports shoes to like-new.