Are your children's shoes giving you a headache? Then, whatever the problem, we have a solution! 

The Problem:

Your children’s school shoes are covered in scuffs and scrapes.

The Solutions:

Our Scuff Cover is an easy-to-use, quick fix, for unsightly scuffs and scrapes on all school shoes.

If your children’s shoes are made from patent leather, consider using Regimental Gloss – ideal for repairing scuffs and scrapes on their patent leather footwear and offering a high-gloss shine.

Short on time but want to get their scruffy shoes looking presentable? Shine & Go Deluxe Black instantly restores colour and shine to their school shoes. This life-saving, time-saving product is perfect for on-the-go use, due to its travel-sized compact nature. So when they're about to run for the school bus, you can quickly slick their shoes with this easy-to-use sponge and they'll be the envy of the playground! As we're sure you'll regularly keep shoes topped up with this easy-to-apply product, we've even added an integrated bubble to make it easy to see when it’s time to replace the sponge. This product also comes in Neutral.

These short-term solutions are great and help when you’re trying to hurry them out of the door. We appreciate how busy your schedules can get but if you've managed to get them to bed on time after a story and you miraculously find yourself with a spare evening, then we offer additional products that’ll help your children get a permanent spring back in their step. Shoe Cleaner is a versatile spray that cleans and protects all materials and articles, removing dirt and other everyday stains, as well as effective salt-stain removal. 

After thoroughly cleaning your children’s shoes, make sure all your hard work lasts by proofing and protecting those shoes. Shoe Protector adds protection against rain and stains to all materials. It's easy to use and will protect their school shoes from all playground adventures. 

Patent leather shoes can also be cared for by Wax & Shine. This product cleans and restores gloss to all patent leather footwear and accessories, whilst providing conditioning to prevent their footwear from drying out and cracking.

So, whether they're running around the playground or sitting cross-legged for story time, use one of these solutions to defend their school shoes until their feet grow out of them! 

The Problem:

Stinky sneakers?

The Solution:

If you're sick of their trainers looking less than fresh, then our Sneaker Cleaner will help get those tough stains out, even salt stains from when the roads and pavements are covered in grit. Our Sports Whitener also easily restores colour to white leather and canvas footwear. If it's midsoles that are the problem then our Midsole Reviver Kit has been specifically designed to tackle the toughest stains, with an easy-to-use, powerful, pump-action cleaner to remove even the most ingrained dirt. If you need to freshen up the inside too, after hours of sweaty feet running around outside, then our Sneaker Fresh will do the trick!

If you want to avoid cleaning up their next pair of trainers, then next time you treat them to a new pair, spray the new surface with Sneaker Shield and allow them to dry before they head outside. 

The Problem:

Want your children's shoes to last until they at least outgrow them?

The Solution:

Here at Cherry Blossom, we know that preserving children’s shoes can be a challenge: they often run around on all terrains and weather, not only in PE but also playing outside, causing damage to their footwear.

We also know that shoes aren't cheap, so we hope that our top tips help your children's shoes to last longer.

Protecting shoes from purchase and before their first outing is the best way to keep them in tip-top condition and to make sure they last as long as possible.

For leather shoes, our Shoe Polishes cover a wide range of colours and types of leather, from the traditional black, brown and tan to navy, oxblood, red and other contemporary colours. So whatever colour footwear your child insisted on in store, there's a solution to keep them protected and looking like-new.

If you wanted to add an easy-to-apply protective layer to combat against rain and stain damage then Shoe Protector is your go-to product. It's suitable for all footwear and means you don’t have to worry about their shoes looking scruffy. For ultimate protection, Eco Ultra Repel is your best friend. This water-based, eco-responsible solution provides long-lasting protection against rain and stains. It also comes in a 100% recycled bottle.

We know that laces can be an issue too and often children pull them too tightly meaning they snap or fray. We always recommend keeping a spare pair at home as a 'just in case' and we offer a wide range of lengths and to suit all footwear including Round, Flat and Cord Shoe Laces.

The Problem:

Their shoes fit them perfectly in-store and now they're complaining they pinch their feet. 

The Solution:

Sometimes, children can face discomfort with their footwear and, as these are expensive to replace, it’s important that there are ways for you to manage the situation. Tight-fitting shoes can make wearing them an unbearable experience, however, at Cherry Blossom, we can help prevent this problem with our Shoe Stretcher. By simply stretching the shoes manually upon application of the spray, the tight-fitting shoes can be far more comfortable to wear. Shoe Stretcher softens the leather, helping them to better fit your children’s feet!

We also offer a range of Insoles for added comfort – Foam Comfort Insoles allow for good air circulation and a firm grip inside the shoe, reducing the chance of blisters and helping your children’s feet to breathe. The Impression Deluxe Insoles boast a soft cotton lining and supportive memory foam cushioning, helping to perfectly combine lightweight flexibility with superior comfort. So, if their shoes no longer fit as they should, don't panic – Cherry Blossom has the solution. 

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