Whether you have a pair of Converse, Nike, New Balance or Adidas, keeping them fresh is important to maintain their sharp look. Luckily, thanks to Cherry Blossom, this is easy with our Sneaker Range. Before you wear your new trainers for the first time, make sure they’ve got ultimate protection with Sneaker Shield – repelling rain and stains thanks to its invisible coating so that whatever's thrown their way, you can keep walking. 

When the fabric on your trainers, begins to look tired and worn, use our Sneaker Cleaner to remove stains and restore their colour. This gives a deep clean option for the dirtiest of sneakers but if it’s only a quick clean that's needed, then use our Sneaker Wipes. Why work more than you have to? Just run the wipe over your dirty footwear and watch the muck disappear. With a smooth side for general cleaning and a rougher side for tougher stains, your trainers will look fresh once again.

When those midsoles are bringing down the look and feel of your kicks, why not try our Midsole Reviver Kit, specifically designed to tackle the problem of dirty midsoles? Easy to use and powerful, the cleaner combines with the brush to remove even the most ingrained dirt, restoring your sneakers to box-fresh! The microfibre cloth in this kit is perfect for wiping and drying shoes and traps dirt and grime without scratching the materials your trainers are made from. If your trainers are made from leather, the microfibre cloth can help to bring the shine back to them, too.

Keep your kicks box-fresh with Cherry! 


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