We understand that in the current fast-moving world, spare time can be hard to come by, meaning that some things have to be done in a rush. Sometimes, full shoe care and maintenance can seem time-consuming but Cherry Blossom offers a range of quick-clean options for our customers.

Shine & Go Deluxe Black is perhaps the easiest product to apply, instantly restoring colour and shine to smooth leather footwear. Simply wipe the sponge pad over the surface of your footwear and you will see an instant shine – no buffing necessary! To make using the product even more simple, the integrated bubble lets you know when it’s time to replace your sponge. This product also comes in Neutral.

Scuff Cover is a quick and easy-to-apply product that rapidly removes the scuffs and scrapes that have occurred through daily wear and tear.

Sports Whitener works by pressing the sponge applicator evenly against the shoe to restore colour to white leather and canvas footwear. The process is simple and provides instant results. 

Wax & Shine shines, nourishes and protects leather footwear and accessories instantly. By simply spraying the polish onto your footwear, your shoes will look brand new once again. You'll need to wipe off any excess with a clean cloth and buff footwear to a shine once dry - this is a slightly longer process than our other quick-clean options but still saves you time and effort.

Sneaker Wipes enable you to keep your sneakers and other footwear looking fresh. With a rough side for removing tougher stains and a smooth side for general cleaning, these versatile wipes make cleaning any trainer's surface quick and easy. Simply run the wipes over your footwear and see instant results.

So, with these simple, easy-to-use solutions at your fingers tips, there's no excuse for neglecting your shoes, no matter how busy your routine is. 


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