Here at Cherry Blossom, we’re feeling the love and we think your feet deserve to feel it too. Valentine’s is for the lovers: a day for romance and spending time with that special someone. Or, if you’re single, it’s a day to surround yourself with your friends and celebrate the platonic relationships in your life. If you’re dressing to impress for date night or heading out on the town with your friends, you’ll want to look sublime from head to toe, and with Cherry Blossom taking care of your footwear, even Cupid himself will be smitten! For us, romance is luxurious and comforting, and our Platinum Shoe Care Range offers your footwear both premium luxury and sensuous comfort.

POV: date night is rapidly approaching and you have nothing to wear. After manically emptying the contents of your wardrobe, you find the perfect outfit. But you’re never fully dressed without the right pair of shoes so, after raiding your shoe rack, you find the ideal pair – but they look like they’ve seen better days, shabby and neglected. This is where Cherry Blossom steps in. We have something for every pair of shoes and every footwear upper, and, with over a century of experience under our belt, your shoes are in good hands. Whether sprucing up some colourful leather uppers, reviving suede or nubuck, restoring shine or replacing some well-loved laces, we’re at your service.

Often how you feel about your appearance can dictate how your night goes. We might be nervous on a date night, but just like when we put gel in our hair, apply make-up or iron our clothes, we can often convince ourselves we’re confident, simply by taking pride in our appearance, and this certainly applies to our footwear. Caring about self-presentation is deemed attractive by many, a quality that a lot of us look for in a partner. Generally, people think shiny shoes – that clearly receive a lot of love – are a big green flag, showing sophistication and self-care. Cherry Blossom gives you the tools to care for your footwear, reviving and maintaining their appearance. To achieve that swoon-worthy shine, our deluxe Regimental Gloss will bestow the VIP treatment upon your smooth leather footwear. Not only will the glossy shine make your heart skip a beat, but the Carnauba Wax also nourishes.

One type of footwear that is synonymous with Valentine’s Day is high heels. Heels are worn to give your body a lift, improving your posture and emphasising your beauty – it’s science! However, even if a pair of heels has never graced your feet, we all know the issues they pose and the pain they can cause. They say, ‘beauty is pain’, but it doesn’t need to be, and certainly not with Cherry Blossom’s Gel Comfort Pad, offering your feet a comforting gel pillow that reduces foot burning. Simply place these adhesive pads into the front of your heels, helping to alleviate the added pressure of balancing on the balls of your feet. They are reusable and can be used in all types of footwear for extra cushioning – the balls of your feet will thank you! High heels can also be notorious for slipping off the back of your feet. If your shoes are slightly too big and your feet tend to slide out with every footstep, our Heel Grips attach to the heel of the shoe, adding friction and preventing them from slipping off.

For some, Valentine’s is more of a sneaker affair. If you’re after a casual vibe, opting for trainers over a pair of heels, brogues or loafers, we’ve also got your back (or feet). Our Sneaker Range will refresh, protect and revive your sneakers, restoring the appearance of your favourite pair and maintaining the box-fresh look of your latest purchase. If you’re looking for some last-minute sneaker inspo before the big day, check out Nike’s Valentine’s Day Collection here.

So, whether you’re celebrating your pals or out with your love this February, make sure your shoes come first by giving them a glow-up or a romantic renaissance. Regardless of Valentine’s or Galentine’s, show your footwear some love on the 14th of February.

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