It’s Christmastime and that brings family gatherings, office parties and nights out on the town. Most of us like to get dressed up over Christmas – the season requires a little glamour from your head to your toes; your shoes are no exception. For some of you, a new pair of shoes might have been slipped into your stocking, making your Christmas morning very merry and bright! When you open that shoe box on Christmas Day, filled with lovely, gleaming footwear, you’ll want to keep them looking as smart and dazzling as the day you got them. And, with winter’s blustery conditions working against us, caring for your footwear is vital to maintaining its look.

Winter’s wet and windy weather and chilly temperatures have an adverse effect on footwear and, as your shoes take a battering from the elements, not only does their appearance worsen, but they lose their ability to protect your feet. But do not worry! With Cherry Blossom, your shoes always get the VIP treatment. From trainers to boots, Cherry Blossom has something to keep your footwear fresh. Delicate footwear fabrics, such as suede and nubuck will most certainly require care during this wet and frosty season. Our Suede & Nubuck Renovator restores the appearance of black suede and nubuck uppers. Also, our Suede & Nubuck Multi Brush is a multi-headed brush that removes spots and stains, easily reviving the nap, and maintaining that soft feathery effect.

Some of us will receive some slick new sneakers this Christmas – maybe some Vans, Nike or Jordans. Many of us are scared to wear our brand-new trainers outside in case they get spoilt. To keep your Christmas sneakers looking and smelling box-fresh, cleaning and protection is imperative. Those muddy Christmas and Boxing Day walks are no match for Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Cleaner, a powerful gel that eliminates embedded stains and dried mud from your trainers, restoring their appearance. Nobody likes soggy trainers and, once they’re wet, the moisture can affect the shape, tightening or curling them as they dry. To avoid this, use Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Shield. Our Sneaker Shield easily sprays onto your trainers and defends them against rain and stains, acting like a protective layer, keeping your feet warm and dry whilst maintaining the shape of your shoe. Unpleasant odours can build up inside your sneakers after wearing them a few times but Sneaker Fresh can combat this, removing lingering smells and keeping your trainers fresh.

Christmas is not just about the presents, but the parties too. Your smartest Brogues or Oxfords might make an appearance at a formal Christmas occasion, or your favourite heels might tear up the dance floor at the office Christmas party. Christmas is a time to feel good, and looking good is an important part of getting into that exciting festive spirit, footwear included. To preserve your smart leather footwear in between wear, Wooden Spiral Shoe Trees and Shoe Horns discourage leather from cracking and creasing whilst maintaining the structure of the shoe. Paired with our Renovating Shoe Cream, smooth leather uppers of any colour will be hydrated whilst improving its appearance. Two handbag essentials during the Christmas period are Cherry Blossom’s Gel Comfort Pad and Heel Grip. When your heels are rubbing your feet and causing pain, these two products swoop in and save the night. The Gel Comfort Pad offers a supportive gel cushion under the ball of your foot, increasing your comfort and preventing foot burning whilst the Heel Grip fixes to the back of your shoe, stopping your heels from sliding off and offering protection to the rear of your foot (no more blisters!).

With Cherry Blossom, you can not only prepare your footwear for Christmas and New Year, but you can also protect and maintain any brand-new pairs of shoes you’re gifted on Christmas Day! Our Cherry Blossom headquarters in the heart of Derbyshire will be closed during the Christmas period (from 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan) with operations back up and running from the 2nd. But if you can’t wait till then to get your hands on our protective products, Cherry Blossom is sold in retailers across the UK, including all major supermarkets. Merry Christmas from Cherry Blossom!

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