Many of us are still taking advantage of the holiday season and off in search of the sunshine, especially after such a rainy couple of months. Whether abroad or in a neighbouring county, we hope the weather is kind to us! If the weather does land in the Goldilocks zone, we can ditch the socks, don the sandals, free the feet and air the toes. Hot, clammy feet are so uncomfortable, so we revel in letting our feet breathe and keep cool in those late sizzling summer temperatures. To help us cope with that (hopefully) hot weather, here are Cherry Blossom’s top products to achieve that fresh-foot feeling.

1. Silky Fresh Feet

This sleek, velvety spray helps to keep your feet cool and fresh inside your shoes. That means less sweat and less chance that you’ll slip about on the soles like Bambi on ice. Fear not if you’re worried about your shoes rubbing as you go sockless. Silky Fresh Feet prevents foot burning and rubbing, helping you to avoid nasty blisters and sores. Also, it just makes your feet feel nice. Made from genuine silk, this spray wraps your feet in a luxurious, refreshing sensation.


2. Cotton Comfort Insole

This cooling insole is ideal for combatting those uncomfortable, clammy shoe situations. These insoles aim to refresh your feet and avoid overheating by absorbing sweat with their extra-soft towelling. A perforated underside also allows for air circulation to minimise lingering bad odours. Made with 100% soft cotton pile, our Cotton Comfort Insoles will make you believe you’re walking on cooling clouds of comfort (or, at least, really comfy insoles!).

3. Eco Shoe Refresh

No one likes smelly shoes but bad odours are inevitable when summer sweat comes a-knocking. I think we can all agree that it’s a rather unpleasant smell, so Cherry Blossom’s Eco Shoe Refresh is a must-have summer essential. Completely eradicating undesirable aromas rather than just masking them, this powerful, water-based spray comes in a 100% recycled bottle. When formulating our eco-responsible, odour-eliminating solution, the Cherry Blossom technicians avoided adding any synthetic perfumes, opting for a neutral smell to enhance the feeling of freshness.

4. Wooden Spiral Shoe Tree

Cherry Blossom’s Wooden Spiral Shoe Tree can really benefit your shoes this summer. For shoes with a higher throat (the piece of material that fits over the bridge of your foot) or sides, our Shoe Tree is perfect for maintaining their shape. The Shoe Tree toe piece features thin oval slits that encourage air circulation inside your footwear and this deters unpleasant odours from forming inside your shoes. This will keep your footwear fresh and ready for their next summer outing.

5. Shoe Horn

In these long, sockless, summer days, some of us struggle to get our shoes on with ease. Especially high-backed shoes, like sneakers and loafers. Without socks, there is more friction, so our heels don’t slip in so easily. And the last thing we want to do is crease or damage our shoes by squishing them as we attempt to slide our feet inside! So if this is an issue that you and your frictional feet face, Cherry Blossom’s Shoe Horn will help your heels slip in without hassle.

If you want to keep your bare feet in a state of bliss this summer, check out Cherry Blossom’s range of summer essentials.

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