Wedding season is upon us, so it’s time we dusted off the suits and the fascinators and prepared for the big day. Picking your footwear is just as important as selecting your outfit… so choose wisely.

Smart Leather Footwear

A wedding outfit staple, slick leather footwear like Brogues, Oxfords and Derbys will be worn on parquet dance floors and neatly trimmed lawns this summer. Adding a sophisticated air to any boring old suit, you need to ensure your formal leather footwear is clean and gleaming, catching the reflection of the disco ball as you tear up the dance floor. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: for leather footwear, you really can’t go wrong with Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish. Our Shoe Polish revives dull leather and covers irritating scrapes. If you’re looking for a polish with a glossier finish, our Regimental Gloss does the job whilst nourishing and conditioning the leather, hiding scuffs and helping your footwear to look as brilliant as you!


The time-old question, ‘To heel or not to heel?’, is quickly answered by us at Cherry Blossom… Wear those heels! We know the struggle and have endured too many nights hobbling home on blistered feet after a few hours spent in high heels. Because, despite their obvious visual appeal, heels can be agonising, embodying the phrase ‘beauty is pain’. Thankfully, here at Cherry Blossom, we’ve got your back. If you have an exceptional pair of heels that perfectly match your wedding outfit but wearing them leaves your feet sore and sweaty, our Gel Comfort Pad can rectify that. The invisible, cushioning gel pads support your feet and reduce friction, ensuring high-heel-induced foot burning is a thing of the past. Heels are also infamous for slipping off, ruining your flow whilst you attempt to do the Cha Cha Slide with the groom’s nan. Cherry Blossom’s Heel Grip will stop your stilettos from sliding, keeping them securely on your feet. If you really want to wear heels but have wide feet or struggle with uncomfortable bunions or callouses, we suggest checking out Sole Bliss – a stylish footwear retailer that specialises in marrying comfort and design!

Suede Shoes

Keep things suave this wedding season with suede shoes. Suede is notoriously hard to clean once champagne or entries have been spilt or smeared on them – and what’s worse than mingling with relatives you haven’t spoken to in over a decade with a splodge of prawn cocktail on your shoes? If you prepare your suede beforehand with Cherry Blossom’s Eco Ultra Repel, then any dribbles or spatters will easily come off with a quick wipe. To get your suede footwear ready for the big day, revive its nap with our Suede + Nubuck Multi Brush. If you have faded black suede, give our Suede + Nubuck Renovator a whizz, bringing your dull black suede back to life. Once the nap is soft, fuzzy and revived, you’ll be ready to face the family with your best foot forward.

Ballet Pumps

Sometimes you’ve got to prioritise comfort. And what’s more comfortable than a nice pair of flats? But it’s summertime which means ditching the socks and going ‘toe-mmando’. Now, we know that going sockless can be freeing but it can also be annoying. Sweat, blisters and disagreeable smells can arise, causing discomfort and defeating the whole purpose of wearing flats in the first place! Achieving barefoot bliss is simple with Cherry Blossom. Our Cotton Comfort Insole ensures cooling, breathable comfort, enabling you to last without your feet becoming sticky and troublesome. To keep your feet and footwear smelling fresh, use our Shoe Deodoriser, a handy spray that immediately eliminates odours rather than just masking them. And how could we forget Cherry’s Silky Fresh Feet?! With this life-saving spray, say ‘goodbye’ to friction and say ‘hello’ to a smooth, luxurious underfoot sensation! With this arsenal of protective products, your bare feet will certainly benefit!

So, whatever kind of wedding footwear you rock up in, make sure they’re clean and protected with Cherry Blossom whilst you conga the night away.

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