Taking care of your beloved shoes can seem like a bit of a minefield when you don’t know what you’re doing – let us help. Delicate uppers need specialist care; you can’t just put any old product on suede and expect it to maintain that soft, feathery feel. You need to ensure that your footwear uppers are properly cared for so your shoes and, therefore, your feet, are protected against the elements, giving you confidence in every step. It is essential that you match your footwear upper material with the right care products to guarantee that your shoes last. To prevent your footwear from ending up in landfill, keep them neat and treat them to Cherry Blossom; with over 117 years of experience under our belt, your shoes are in good hands. 


Leather uppers need careful attention to keep them looking smart. Not only should you keep your leather protected from rain and stains but it requires regular hydration from special lotions or waxes. For all your leather hydration needs, Cherry Blossom has got you covered. Our Dubbin Wax is perfect for nourishing and conditioning your leather uppers. Formulated with a unique blend of waxes and oils, this leather wax will protect your footwear, reviving the look of your shoes and making them appear new. Keeping your leather hydrated will prevent it from cracking and using a Wooden Spiral Shoe Tree will help to maintain the shape of all your footwear – but especially your leather footwear. Faded, coloured leather is never fun and can ruin your entire look, so make sure the colour of your footwear continues to pop with our Renovating Shoe Cream. The highly-pigmented cream will keep things colourful, injecting life back into your faded leather footwear.

Suede & Nubuck

Suede and nubuck can be tricky to care for when you don’t know what you’re doing. Through wear and time, the surface of your suede and nubuck will lose its soft, downy feel, becoming shiny and waxy with dirt and stains. To counteract this, once you have worked our Eco Ultra Cleaner into your footwear, use Cherry Blossom’s Suede & Nubuck Multi Brush, a multi-headed brush that restores the appearance and revives the nap. Follow this up with Eco Ultra Repel to protect your shoes from rain and stains, giving you the confidence to wear your suede and nubuck footwear whatever the weather. For black, dulled suede and nubuck uppers, Suede & Nubuck Renovator will restore colour to your footwear. This easy-to-apply, spray-on product will rejuvenate the look of your black suede and nubuck shoes and accessories.

Synthetic & Canvas

Synthetic and canvas footwear uppers are easy to care for. Usually, synthetic and canvas shoes, like Vans and Converse, only need to be cleaned and reproofed, so you don’t have to worry about if their colour will fade or concern yourself with buffing them. For synthetic and canvas trainers, Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker range has your back. Simply clean with Sneaker Cleaner, working it into the fabric to lift any ingrained dirt, then, once dry, spray with our Sneaker Shield to defend against the elements whilst keeping your shoes looking neat and fresh. It’s really as easy as that!

Sports Shoes and Sneakers

Scuffed white leather sports shoes are not ideal, especially when you're competing in a tournament and you want to strike fear in the hearts of your competitors. This is a quick fix with Cherry Blossom’s Sports Whitener. This sponge-on, easy-to-use liquid with restore the appearance of your shoes in seconds and its handy, travel-sized bottle means it can easily slip into your gym bag for coverage on the go. For tips on how to expertly care for your sneakers, check out our Sneaker Care blog here!

Don’t let the fear of ruining your footwear uppers stop you from getting out there and strutting your stuff. With Cherry Blossom, your footwear will always be well cared for!

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