This weekend, history will be made. The Coronation of King Charles III is taking place and the country is buzzing with excitement. This is historic in many ways. Primarily, the UK’s last coronation was nearly 70 years ago, meaning only about 14% of the population of Great Britain has witnessed their country’s monarch being crowned (and that percentage is even less if you exclude all those who were too young to remember!). Additionally, with such a large gap between coronations, the world is a completely different place since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne. Despite all these changes, the Royal Family is still the heart of the nation and we can expect the Coronation to reflect modern Britain whilst upholding centuries of tradition and pageantry. So don’t worry, there will be plenty of pomp and circumstance for us all to enjoy!

Here at Cherry Blossom, we will certainly be celebrating this weekend’s events. We’re incredibly proud of our British heritage, having served this country for the past 117 years as Great Britain’s first shoe polish manufacturer. And, what’s more, we’re the only UK-based brand to still be making shoe polish today – all in our custom-built premises in the heart of Derbyshire. Founded in 1906, we have seen three British monarchs ascend to the throne: King George V in 1911, George VI in 1937 and Elizabeth II in 1953. Charles III’s coronation this weekend will be our fourth and we cannot wait!

The whole world will have its eyes on our marvellous little country, so let’s show them how great Great Britain really is. Celebrations and events will be happening throughout the kingdom to mark this momentous occasion, bringing communities together. People will head to pubs, parks, parties and parades, spill out onto the streets and jubilate with their neighbours. Since this is such a special occurrence, we’ll need to look good. Charles might not be able to see you through the telly but we all want to put our best foot forward this weekend. Whether you’re donning red, white and blue or sporting your finest crown jewels, your look will be ruined if your shoes are scruffy!

So make sure you delve into centuries of tradition this weekend; eat too much Victoria Sponge, raise the Union Jack bunting and maybe get out a tin of Cherry Blossom’s Traditional Shoe Polish and give those shoes a royal shine fit for a king.

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