We know our Cherry Blossom customers like to look their best, so we thought we’d get you up to speed on this year’s hottest footwear trends for men and women, straight from the runway! Here at Cherry Blossom, we love all things shoes and have listed our favourite predicted footwear looks for the rest of 2023.

Flats are Back

This Spring, expect to see the long-awaited comeback of the humble flat. In particular, a ballet pump revival. Paving the way for warmer days, these must-have, lightweight, dainty flats are ideal for stepping into barefoot. Also joining the flat shoe brigade are Slip-Ons and D’Orsay Flats. The Boden Flexible Leather Ballet Pumps from John Lewis are an elegant, eye-catching example. Simply pair your ballet pumps with monochrome workwear to add a splash of colour.  Alternatively, style with a light and airy dress to cement your pumps as a Spring staple.

Mary Jane is Here to Stay

Mary Janes are a classic shoe style that is incredibly stylish and versatile. They were popular last year and, as their demand continues, major fashion brands are modernising the Mary Jane, tying the shoe in with current trends, such as platform midsoles. Doctor Marten’s Addina Flower Buckle Leather Platform Shoes are a modern twist on the classic Mary Janes, blending feminine accents with Doctor Marten’s rebellious, nonconformist image.

The Cowboy Boot is in the midst of a rootin’-tootin’ resurgence. This iconic footwear style will be seen everywhere during 2023, so make sure to get in on the gun-slinging action. Walk like John Wayne in this year’s coolest shoes, offering town-sheriff swagger to all those that don the traditional American footwear. With sturdy, full-grain, tan leather uppers featuring Western stitch patterns, Ariat’s Sport Herdsman Western Boot will have you skedaddling out the door to parade them about.

On Point!

After a few years of squared toes running the footwear industry, pointed toes are ready for their long-awaited moment. Gone are the days of pretending our toes align at the same length as we herald in the era of the femme fatale. As our shoes sharpen to a point, so does our attitude. This seductive style of shoe visually elongates our feet, making them appear thin and fierce. If you wish to materialise your 2023 ambitions, throw on a pair of Steve Madden heels (they're well-known for their point) and go out there and get what you want. One look at those shoes and nobody would dare deny you.

Twinkle Toes

You can never have too much sparkle and it’s going to be really hot this year. Footwear on runways all over the world has been encrusted with rhinestones, diamantes and crystals, indicating that this year, our shoes are going to shine more than ever – which we of course love! The Sparkly Knee High Boots from Dune London are an eye-catching statement and will
help you make a killer entrance into any party.

The Best of Both Worlds

Love sneakers? Adore boots? Gosh, wouldn’t it be cool if you could wear sneakers and boots at the same time? Well, now you can. The Hybrid Sneaker Boot trend is sweeping the nation, with men up and down the country purchasing the amalgamated footwear for fashion, robust running and light-footed hiking. Keep your feet warm and stylish in Timberland’s Greenstride Motion 6 Super Oxford Shoes. Ideal for most terrains and environments, from in the office to up a mountain, cruise through life in style.

Stomp Out the Competition

Footwear with thick, chunky soles is very fashionable right now and we highly doubt this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Adding both height and attitude to your look, platform shoes make a statement and are ideal for cat-walking your way through 2023. From trainers to boots and beyond, platform midsoles can be applied to any type of shoe. UGG have a range of platform boots, including the Neumel Platform Boot, providing both comfort and flair. Additionally, most big-name trainer brands are producing platform sneakers, such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Vans. They are definitely worth checking out if your street style is more athletic.

So, if any of these trends take your fancy, make your new footwear lasts with Cherry Blossom shoe care. Whatever the rest of 2023 has in store for you, make sure you strut your stuff in style.

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