Christmas is upon us. The trees are up; tinsel and baubles drip from every available branch and wreaths hang proudly on front doors. The festivities are in full swing and you can hear Mariah Carey’s falsetto voice wafting from every direction. You’ve probably already written your list for Santa but there’s still time to sort out those stocking fillers and give the gift of Cherry Blossom this Christmas. ‘Tis the season of giving, so if you’re planning on gifting a loved one a pair of shoes – be that boots, heels or trainers – ensure the appearance of your thoughtful gift stays fresher for longer with Cherry Blossom.


Pairing your present with protective Cherry Blossom products will be a considerate, extra little surprise, offering them the shoe care they’ll need to maintain their lovely new footwear. As we say here at Cherry Blossom, “Shoes aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for as long as you care for them.” Sneakers are always a popular Christmas present, so if you’ve bought a crisp pair of Nike, Jordans or Adidas for a friend or family member, why not consider adding a couple of our Sneaker products to compliment them? Our Sneaker Cleaner and Sneaker Shield would make an excellent protective bundle to accompany your gift. Sneaker Cleaner removes any dirt from the trainers whilst Sneaker Shield defends against rain and stains. Additionally, our handy Midsole Reviver Kit will keep their midsoles spotless and practically sparkling.


Additionally, why not treat your own feet to Cherry? The run-up to Christmas is always overflowing with endless office parties, festive nights out and family gatherings. Deciding what to wear for such occasions can be a real struggle but Cherry Blossom can help when it comes to footwear. Have an old pair of leather boots that you love but are a bit worse for wear? Or maybe you have a brand-new pair of heels that you haven’t worn in and you're terrified of getting blisters? Then Cherry Blossom has the answer! Our Cherry Blossom elves offer the best shoe care advice to help you easily restore your beloved boots to a boogie-ready standard and protect your feet from any new-heel grief!


When reviving the appearance of leather, begin by brushing off any loose dirt, before cleaning. Our Shoe Cleaner quickly removes even the toughest of stains. If the leather is dulled and scuffed, then Cherry Blossom’s Renovating Shoe Cream is here to help and available in a vast range of colours. Apply using the black-bristled brush from our Shoe Care Brush Set and buff with the ivory-bristled brush for the ultimate shine. We can guarantee that this quick, simple process will leave your footwear looking fabulous once more.


Some of us love to crack the heels out for a Christmas party. As festive and happy as they make us feel, they can also be a huge pain in the neck (or foot, if you will): blisters, foot burning, pinching, foot cramp, slip-off, and the list goes on. To make sure you enjoy your night in your dazzling heels, be prepared. Cherry Blossom’s Gel Comfort Pad prevents friction and foot burning whilst our Heel Grip prevents pinching, rubbing and slip-off at the back of the foot, keeping your heels securely on your feet so you can dance the night away. All of our insoles act as fitting aids, encouraging breathability and comfort whilst reducing sweat and friction (though, we wouldn’t recommend using insoles in wide, open-toed footwear).



So, make this Christmas a Cherry Blossom Christmas and keep your footwear merry and bright. And, just between us, 🤫 we know how Santa keeps his boots so shiny. Of course his secret is Cherry Blossom!

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